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Friday, 07 September 2018 14:40

IHS sponsors the Bocuse D’Or, the world chef championship

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IHS Global Alliance is a proud sponsor of the Bocuse D’Or for their next spectacular event in 2019!

More commonly known as ‘The Olympics of Cooking’, the Bocuse D’Or is the most prestigious world cuisine contest for the world chef championship.


The Bocuse D’Or competition, founded by the iconic French chef Paul Bocuse, is a spectacular, intense and challenging cooking event held every two years since January 1987. What sets it apart from other culinary contests is that the preparation and cooking of all dishes is performed in front of a live audience, where an electric atmosphere is inevitably provided by internationally renowned chefs.

From over 60 countries competing for national selections, 24 countries are then selected to compete in the exciting grand finals held in the heart of the world food service market, SIRHA in Lyon, France. 

Each team comprises of one Executive Chef and one Commis Assistant, and five-and-a-half hours to create two elaborate protein dishes. Each year a mandatory ingredient is given, and extra points are awarded for dishes that feature culinary specialties and reflect the flavours and culture of the competitor.

This sensational affair offers chefs from around the world a unique opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, skills and talent under gruelling pressure and competition, in front of a live audience.

Each plated dish is assessed by a panel of 24 judges that includes the Presidents of each team, who evaluate and score on the overall harmony of flavours, presentation, skills and techniques employed, along with team efficiency.


The Bocuse D’Or has become legendary. Today, much more than a competition, the Bocuse D’Or is the ultimate consecration for many chefs around the world. Far more than winning the ‘Gold Bocuse’ statue and prize money, is the prestige of being the victorious country at the forefront of global culinary distinction.

By sponsoring this event, IHS are supporting the national team to train extensively together and with an international coach, to refine their culinary skills before going up against tough competition from elite chefs around the world.

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