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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 15:34

How to Manage ROI on your F&B Operating Equipment

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Recently I had the pleasure of speaking at the Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was a thrill to network with Food and Beverage experts and designers from some of the best and most famous stadiums in the USA.

This is an extract of Anthony’s Food and Beverage Equipment presentation at the ALSD Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, 25th June 2018


Q. Which major Stadiums have you worked with?

A. IHS have been fortunate enough to provide Buffets, Live Cooking, Mobile Designer Stations, Bars, Conferencing and Banqueting equipment to stadiums such as Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta, The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Etihad Stadium, The Staples Centre, LA, Levy Stadium SF and Wembley Stadium UK – to name a few.

Q. How do you guarantee a return on investment?

A. Collaboration is the key – every hugely successful job we have delivered has had great collaboration between IHS and the end user – regardless of who has handled the transaction. 

Also – what ROI are you measuring?  Our designs ensure not only great savings and money making for the property, but an increase in guest satisfaction, ease of operation for the staff using the equipment and significant OHS benefits due to our designs.  

Through a collaborative approach we can ensure that all benefits are captured in every installation.

We really encourage strong communication between the manufacturer and end user.  For the significant investment being made in operating equipment, it is critical, for great success, that the products being quoted are exactly what the operator has in mind.

Q.How are you different? What do you offer?

A. Operational experience.  We have been on the floor at 2.00am packing up one event and setting for the next.  We have delivered Room Service through busy dinners, late night binges and breakfast shifts.  We know rostering issues, set up issues and food handling concerns.

Our significant FOH and BOH experience shows in every design, every conversation and every suggestion to ensure you get the best Food and Beverage Operating Equipment that you can afford.

We can assist with buffet flow, mobile menu planning assistance.  We get the main people involved and talk through these concerns and designs. 

If you haven’t worked hospitality – you can never really understand it.

Q. What should procurement and purchasing departments consider?

A. We need to get past what the spreadsheet doesn’t tell us, and that is the vision of the Hotel.  Ideally, procurement companies will have trust in the companies they select to quote, to liaise directly with the properties on product design and best outcomes.  

If the IHS linen-free conference, banquet and buffet systems have been proposed, has linen been removed from the budget?  Have any labour projections been reduced? Have replacement budgets been reduced due to our product long life-cycle?

The cost and operational benefits of multi-use equipment.  An understanding of what differentiates the great products from the rest is critical – get to know your supplier’s operation, not just their price list.  

Q. What questions should operators be asking?

A. You need to think about just who is making decisions on ultimately, your guest and staff experience.   Does the purchasing department make operational considerations?

If the Chef and Director F&B aren’t involved, then who is?  

Do they understand service? Do they know the current trends and the equipment being designed for it?

Again, utilising and tapping into experience is the key to a successful purchase for the bottom line, the staff and the guests.


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