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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 09:12

Buffet trend favs 2017

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Buffet trend favs 2017 - Pick of the bunch

The exploration of food & beverage, combined with presentation theatrics, has indeed taken the meaning of culinary and beverage presentation to an entirely new level.  

Food is the essence of life, the art of creation, and a daily event bringing people together for centuries. Food deserves a twist and a lot of recognition, so do those who create it for our pleasure. What better way than a buffet station for all to marvel at the decadence of gluttony delights. 

Today, the industry looks to the notion of the buffet, as a canvas ready to be adorned with color and pattern, using visual ques to entice satisfaction and set the mood. The buffet is now a station of excitement, a tool to unite guests in a chorus of conversation and generate movement within the space. So what’s happening with buffets in 2017? 

Here are our favorite picks from the trend bunch:


DIY Beverage Stations:

Guest expectations are higher, as we succumb to the age of the millennials driving different concepts when it comes to service and more importantly, choice. And a buffet or ‘DIY Station’, today’s trending experience, are not going to fade out anytime soon. The DIY concept offers more than choice - It offers creativity and personalizes the experience.

Creative, fun, and satisfying even the most particular of guests, a DIY beverage buffet is an easy solution for any sized event, where one can create their own concoction. Just watch out for grandma at the cocktail station, she might overdo it with the spirit to mixer ratio. So, consider chalk boarding a few ideas as a step by step guide at each ingredient selection point, and invite the guest to truly interact for a unique and intimate experience.

Whisky is upcoming as the latest refined trend on the beverage scene, from the UK to Iceland, with shipments across to Vegas and beyond. As whisky flavors diversify and grow, so are its theatrics. Whisky carts are on the move between events, with their own versatile style, welcoming flexibility for the event coordinator and the guest. Tailor-made beverage carts are also on the rise to truly capture sought after unique styles. From built-in beer taps, ice-wells to unique rustic finishes, the stage is set for any experience.

Theme the Station:

Venue and event space is giving way to the modern buffet as a centerstage masterpiece. The industry has become bolder with blending flavors and experimenting with texture and the natural state of produce. All this comes to light through the story of presentation.

Traditionally the buffet is set around a theme and its purpose within its space. The overall experience relates to food as the center of emotion, and long-lasting memories. Flavor entices feelings, memories and thoughts, consumed both visually and more enjoyably, through touch and taste. It is embedded within our culture to explore its presentation and relationship between cuisines, where guests admire the creation in its entirety and are guided through the flavor experience.

Pairing of common culinary and beverage delights are the go. Guests want to be guided through new experiences and what better way than with bite-sized flavor explosions already matched. Fancy a little cheese? We know we do! And what a fantastic trend, matching natural, rustic flavors with complementary tones. Match small tasting glasses amongst wheels of flavor, adorn with fruit shasliks as ideal combination suggestions to please the newly refined guest, or even create a new generation of cheese and wine lovers. 

Because theatrics are a must:

Setting the scene with theatre behind any presentation, will make or break the communication between pallet and overall experience. Don’t be shy to harness the passion behind your creation with the right combination of visual and sensory queues. 

Traditional elements including garnish bowls, tables filled with color and uniquely shaped delights, add an abundance of wow factor. In this case consider lighting for enhanced impact, coupled with tiered presentations to guide the experience. Engage the guest with interactive touch points and authentic decorations, from themed signage to product placement. 

Equipment also lends itself to flexibility in presentation and theatrics. Think unique equipment that transforms from bar to buffet, and take your station to an entirely new platform. Whatever you want to create, you can, and the experience you deliver will create more than just entertainment, yet lasting memories. The theatrics are endless, so brand your experience today!

Have you got a great buffet idea to share with the industry? Why not enter our buffet competition? Click here to enter 

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