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MCEC Case Study - Embracing innovation in venue set up trends - Cross Cube solution

Written by IHS Global Alliance


Every day, new and dynamic trends emerge within the hospitality and event industry. The likes of venue managers, operators and owners are expected to keep up, be flexible within their space, service and deliver an experience unique from others. 


Here at IHS Global Alliance, our designers are continuously innovating product solutions to take your experience to the next level. So we interviewed Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre's (MCEC) set-ups manager, Jag Bal to find out more about his experience with our innovative solutions and how this has assisted the venue in keeping up with its dynamic space.


About the client

Recognised as Australasia's Leading Meetings and Conference Centre, MCEC connects customers with multi-purpose spaces, leading technology, award-winning food and unrivalled expertise to create memorable event experiences every day. A guiding principle of MCEC is a commitment to innovation through embracing new ideas and developing creative solutions.

Business Requirements:

To create a positive customer impact through integrating set-up solutions that are aligned with industry trends, have a modern and practical design, are environmentally-friendly and allow for the best utilisation of available event space.


IHS Global Alliance worked with MCEC's Set-ups Manager, Jag Bal to create a custom Cross Cube product range.

Case Study

IHS Global Alliance (IHS)

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC):

Cross Cube buffet tablesIHS: As new and dynamic trends emerge within the hospitality and venue space, what do you feel is an important consideration in staying agile when it comes to utilizing your space?
MCEC: To always push boundaries and do something different from what others currently offer in this space. Experimenting with new ideas and designs that are practical and provide a high-quality user experience.

IHS: What was the challenge you and your team were facing before you found your solution with IHS?
MCEC: We had tables that were bulky and heavy. These took up a lot of space and were not practical for the team to assemble, set-up and store.

IHS: Why did you consider IHS as a solution to your business needs?
MCEC: An opportunity arose to design something unique to MCEC. The Cross Cube solution presented well and came in as many sizes and heights as our needs required. We could custom build a solution, which was a very important factor in our purchasing decision as other suppliers could not provide a product with this specific capability.

IHS: These industry trends discussed earlier, extend beyond the configuration of the venue set-up, and are also focusing on environmentally-friendly products. How important is purchasing a product that has also considered the environment for your business?
MCEC: At MCEC we strive to be a leader in developing environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Our Convention Centre has been certified as a 6-Star Green Star venue and we look for a similar commitment to sustainability when considering our suppliers and their products.

IHS: What defines a good working relationship with a supplier?
MCEC: Listening, respect, trust, delivering what is expected and going above and beyond. This is what the team at IHS has done and continues to do.

IHS: What defines a good customer experience to you as a set-ups manager?
MCEC: Having that relationship that is not just with the customer but also with event attendees. It is about quality service from the first touch point, maintaining that relationship and adding value to the overall event experience.

IHS: What defines a good event experience to you and your team?
MCEC: A set-up that delivers the 'wow' factor when you first walk in. The Cross Cube solution does exactly that!

IHS: What are the value and/or benefits the cross cube product is providing to your centre experience?
MCEC: Flexibility in the set-up of bars, buffets and tables as drop offs using the cross tops. Tables can be set with different configurations to suit the event and are easily changed for the next event. Cross top tables may be set up by one person. The tops and legs all fit on one trolley making it a simple process and reducing extended manual handling.

IHS: In your day-to-day operations, how is the cross cube being utilised in terms of its configuration?
MCEC: We are using the cross cube for functions, conference set-ups, buffet and mobile services within MCEC.

Cross Cube buffet tables

The team at MCEC has been able to adjust event spaces accordingly to suit the needs and requirements of their customers and guests.


The team at MCEC has been able to adjust event spaces accordingly to suit the needs and requirements of their customers and guests. The result has extended beyond the Cross Cube solution and into the conference space, which is now focused on connecting guests with visually-appealing designs to create a holistic event experience.

More about MCEC

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