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Written by IHS Global Alliance

How does an establishment with a sound reputation, maintain their existing reputation whilst enhancing their experience?

Located in Sydney’s premier location, a hotel such as Four Points by Sheraton, needs to ensure it stays relevant whilst delivering the service it prides itself upon. Guests claim a first class experience with outstanding service and facilities. Where business meets pleasure, the Director of Food & Beverage Carl Contractor, identified IHS equipment solutions as the perfect choice to meet their needs, as well as the customer’s requirements.

About the client

Four Points by Sheraton has a sound reputation of delivering valuable and professional services across all offerings. Such offerings allow the guest to personalize their experience and select from unique set ups including conference and buffet combinations, to multiple bar and restaurant experiences, as well as in-room dining comforts.

Business Requirements:

The Four Points team in Sydney were looking for a linenless conference solution that was modern and cutting edge with its design options, yet also needed to be practical and easy to use.


Carl Contractor and the team identified the Rollaway and Cross Cube Collections upon presentation, as the perfect choice with flexibility, versatile options and good looks.
The need to have equipment solutions that continue to offer flexible options from conferencing to banquet setups, contributing to ROI savings, as well as present modern and trending experiences, was found with IHS Global Alliance.

Case Study

IHS Global Alliance (IHS)
Four Points by Sheraton (FPS):

IHS: As a hotel which offers a vast array of guest offerings, what do you feel is an important factor when creating a unique guest experience? 
FPS:Creating a unique guest experience is all about knowing what your customer expects and then exceeding that expectation. We strive to be different without over complicating things. It’s all about unique experiences that create return business.

IHS: Hospitality trends are changing expectations when it comes to setting up within any space. What factors are taken into consideration when staying dynamic within your own space?
FPS: It is very important that anything we do, fits within and lends itself to enhancing the space we are in. 

It’s about working with your space and not against it. For us, it was about coming up with a solution with IHS that complemented the space through clean and minimalistic design. Each clients’ vision and goal for their event is unique, and for us it’s about translating that into reality.

IHS: What were the challenges you and your team were facing upon considering a new equipment solution?
FPS: Having such beautiful spaces to work in really set the bar in terms of what we were looking for. The challenge was finding a company who supplied quality aesthetic equipment that could complement the space. There were a lot of suppliers out there who could not meet our expectation in terms of finish, option choice and product flexibility. Sourcing equipment that could be stored efficiently and moved easily was also a challenge for us.

IHS: What are your expectations when considering new equipment for your establishment? And how did IHS meet these expectations?
FPS: When sourcing new equipment for the banquet floor, the expectation was that the products would offer unique and modern design options, long lasting durability and finish, plus linenless style. Let’s not forget flexibility when it came to storage and setup options and all importantly, ease of use. 

IHS was the perfect option as they provided a one stop shop for all our needs. This meant that whatever we chose in terms of equipment, could complement each other on the floor. From cooking stations to mobile bars and buffet tables, everything works seamlessly together within the space. The wide variety of finishes offered by IHS meant that we could customize a unique look for ourselves.

IHS: Which IHS products did you select and how have they made an impact with your guest experience?
FPS: We selected the Rollaway conference tables and Cross Cube buffet stations to use as cocktail tables when required. And with such a fantastic portfolio of products, we also selected the mobile live cooking stations and mobile bars.

All the IHS products have been the perfect complement to our guest experiences.  We have been able to put together a variety of options for our guests, which enable them and us to create an experience which is truly unique. The equipment definitely helps in creating that wow factor with our conference delegates, and we are able to offer a variety of flexible front of house solutions.

IHS: How has the installation and use of the IHS products contributed to the success of the business?
FPS: The use of the IHS products has made it easier for us to create an environment that our customers want to engage with. From a back of house perspective as well, we have cut down on our setup and pack down times due to the flexibility and nature of the equipment, thus saving labour costs. Compared to previous years, we now save an average of 35 hours a week in set up and pack down time. This translates in reducing costs that can be put towards the guest experience.  

IHS: What defines a good customer experience to you as a Food & Beverage Director?
FPS: When a customer says “I’ll be back”, or “Can we look at dates for future events?” These are great compliments to our service. Every customer has different expectations, and for me a good experience is all about exceeding expectations when they least expect it, and delivering on what was promised. 

IHS: What are the value and benefits the Rollaway and Cross Cube products are providing you and your team?
FPS: The team love the ease of use and flexibility of the equipment. The storage options are fantastic considering storage space is always premium in Hotel establishments. The equipment is easy to set up which is very handy with short turnaround times for events.  

IHS: In your day to day operations, how are the Rollaway and Cross Cube solutions being utilised? 
FPS: The Rollaway table is used for all our conferencing set ups in different configurations. We also use the Rollaway table with the skirting panel for rego desks. The Cross Cube is used to set up all buffet options and also used as satellite stations. 

IHS: Where do you feel you will take your customer experience to next?  
FPS: The goal will always be to make sure every customer has the experience they were after and beyond. In terms of the future, it’s about constantly innovating and offering new and unique solutions within our business, and again, most importantly for our customer.


Carl and his Four Points team have been able to adjust their space accordingly to suit the needs and requirements of their guests. The result includes a multitude of set up options in which to deliver a unique guest experience.  This has given their space the flexibility to easily adapt to set up requests from conference to event, buffet to live cooking and beyond. The Four Points team are always ready to meet the demands of the clients and maintain the credibility with a well established reputation.

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