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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 09:04

Culinary trends for 2017

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Interview with IHS Cool Cube Winner - Executive Chef Gunner Muller

Last modified on Wednesday, 21 December 2016 17:13
Thursday, 27 October 2016 15:51

Be the Buffet Master - Cool Cube Competition

Written by

Buffet presentations heat up as Culinary & Beverage creations go head to head

IHS Global Alliance deliver equipment systems that are essential for catering to today's highly competitive hospitality and conference industries. The company's passion for food and hospitality go hand-in-hand when approaching any design project and product solution.

Monday, 03 October 2016 15:54

Sell it to me - Smart Tray feature

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Sell it to me - As featured in HotelierME

This product feature focuses on the most intelligent service tray in the hospitality market.

Last modified on Monday, 03 October 2016 16:25

In-room dining innovators IHS Global Alliance collaborate with Armani Hotels

IHS Global Alliance is one of only a handful of companies in the world who design, develop and manufacture room service equipment for the hotel industry. IHS continues to lead as the global equipment specialist, listing the company as a preferred supplier to the world's top hotel groups. Collaborating with world-class establishments and documenting a portfolio of clients that include Armani, Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental, MGM, Conrad, Hilton and Ritz-Carlton. 

Last modified on Monday, 03 October 2016 14:39


Every day, new and dynamic trends emerge within the hospitality and event industry. The likes of venue managers, operators and owners are expected to keep up, be flexible within their space, service and deliver an experience unique from others. 

Last modified on Monday, 03 October 2016 14:38

How does an establishment with a sound reputation, maintain their existing reputation whilst enhancing their experience?

Last modified on Monday, 03 October 2016 14:34

When an establishment with such a rapport, needs to remain at the top of its game in delivering experiences beyond expectations, their space and equipment must be able to adapt, quickly. 

Last modified on Monday, 21 November 2016 16:45
Thursday, 06 October 2016 09:13

Design Your Culture. Define the Experience

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Style and delivery define a unique culinary experience. Form and function define your culture.


"Ambiance can affect everything from perceptions on responsiveness and reliability, how much and how fast customers eat, how much they spend, how long they stay in the restaurant, if they decide to return, and more." - Ariana Smetana - courtesy Upserve.com
Last modified on Monday, 10 October 2016 13:17
Wednesday, 28 September 2016 14:33

Embrace trends within the hospitality space

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Influence. Inspire. Impress.

"Flexibility within our space is essential to creating a unique experience. The use of the equipment to create multiple configurations to suit any event, of which are easily changed for the next… This is innovation we should not be without." - Danny Wells – F&B Director Marriott, Kansas
Last modified on Monday, 03 October 2016 16:01